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Park Board considers second cell tower

The Dickinson Park Board is eyeing a second location for a possible Verizon cellphone tower, director James Kramer said at Monday’s meeting.

A planned tower next to the West River Community Center was on the board’s agenda in mid-April public hearing and is already “to the design phase,” Kramer said.

The new tower would be installed on the east side of the city at 10th Avenue East and Gum Avenue, which would be extended as a service road into the northeast corner of the property.

The board has proposed to develop a park on the same lot, and as conversations with Verizon move forward, “we will need to iron that exactly out” where the park will be located in relation to the tower, Kramer said.

Kramer said he will tour both sites with Verizon on Thursday in order to “start taking these to another level.”

A public hearing on the second proposed tower will be scheduled after the next board meeting in July.