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Races without contest: Some seats are uncontested, have no candidates running

By Nadya Faulx

Not all of Tuesday’s races are going to be tight — at all. Here are the candidates running uncontested for positions in Stark County:

* Belfield Mayor: Current Mayor Leo Schneider 

*  Gladstone Mayor: Current Mayor Kurt Martin

* Justice of the Supreme Court: Current Chief Justice Gerald VandeWalle

* Director, Southwest Water Authority, Dickinson: Larry Bares

* Director, Southwest Water Authority, Stark: Steven Schneider

* Council Member, Belfield: Current member Jeff Iverson is only candidate running for two open spots

* Council Member, Taylor: Current members Ray Fettig and Daryl Jurgens are running for two open spots

* Dickinson Municipal Judge: Current Judge Robert Keogh

* Dickinson Park Board: Current commissioner Scott Kovash, Scott Karsky and Tim Daniel will run for three spots

* Dickinson School Board: Current members Jason Hanson and Tanya Rude will run with Sarah Ricks for three spots

* Richardton/Taylor School Board Member Rural At-Large: Judy Hoff

Some contests have no candidate running at all, including the race for one open spot on the Belfield School Board, two spots on the Belfield Park Board and two spots on the South Heart City Council.

County auditor Kay Haag said these contests will go to the person who gets the most write-in votes.