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Dickinson Airport board to begin reviewing new manager candidates

A Dickinson Municipal Airport Authority committee will begin reviewing candidates later this week for manager of the Dickinson Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport.

Current manager Matthew Remynse, who submitted his resignation in May, will help vet the candidates before he leaves for a position as assistant marketing and operations manager at the Bismarck Airport.

He told the airport authority commission during a regular meeting on Wednesday that he has received six qualified applications — some from as far away as Manitoba, Chicago and Utah — and expects more to come in before the position closes Friday.

The hiring process is expected to take about two months, Remynse said — a week to narrow the field down, another couple of weeks to set up interviews and get everybody together.

“That takes time,” he said.

Office assistant Laurie Roller will handle airport administration in the interim.

Whoever replaces Remynse will have to handle unprecedented growth for the airport.

More than 41,100 passengers have walked through the facility’s doors this year, up 179 percent from last year. Nearly 5,100 passengers boarded plane at the airport in May, a 224 percent increase over May 2013.

Commercial service last month was an absolute record, board Vice Chairman Bob Zent said.

The board is also working to finalize a 2015 budget and a Master Plan Phase 2, developed by KLJ Consulting, in order to receive needed FAA funding to keep up with the growth.

Remynse told members he’s just a phone call away during the transition to a new manager, but that there are some things that are just going to have to wait until the new manager comes on, he said.

His last day in the position he has held for the past eight years is Thursday.