Weather Forecast


Flooding across area, funnel cloud near Mott reported

The National Weather Service received numerous reports of funnel clouds south of Dickinson on Friday night, but no tornadoes touched down.

“A lot of people were watching them,” NWS meteorologist Todd Hamilton said. One cloud went down about halfway, he said — “any much further it could’ve possibly been a tornado.”

But most of the clouds, spotted near Mott, Hettinger and Lemmon, S.D., “were really small and lasted just a few minutes,” Hamilton said.

Most of southwestern North Dakota was also under a flash flood watch until 6 p.m. Saturday evening. The alert was not extended, but there was still a hazardous weather outlook.

Morton County Emergency Manager Tom Doering said in a statement Saturday that heavy rain could impact Sweetbriar Creek and the Heart River.

A 72-inch culvert in the county was “blown out by heavy flows” north of New Salem under county road 140, 2.75 miles east of state Highway 31.

The water will enter Sweetbriar Creek to Sweetbriar Dam, which will likely be overtopped, Doering said. The water will then continue to the Heart River west of Mandan.

People along the creek should take precautions as significantly increased flows are expected along Sweetbriar Creek and Heart River, Doering said.