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DCS to review note left by Trinity student

The note a Trinity High School student left behind at the law enforcement center allegedly confessing to starting the fire at the high school in March has become one of the most talked-about pieces of evidence in the arson case against former principal Thomas Sander.

The Dickinson Catholic School Board of Directors, along with Diocese officials and attorneys, have received a copy of the note and will be assessing it, according to a message posted on the St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church’s Facebook page on Thursday.

The post by Monsignor Patrick Schumacher calls the note “startling.”

Schumacher, the school’s vice president, told The Press the team is “proceeding in due diligence” with the information, but could not comment on what Diocesan and DCS officials expect to come of their assessment.

Schumacher said that when he first read the note on June 5 during his deposition with Sander’s defense team, lawyers Jackson Lofgren and Lloyd Suhr, “the hair on the back of my neck stood up.”

“That hasn’t happened to me in a long time,” he said.

He did not share what the note said.

He said DCS will send out a letter about developments with the legal process and the school’s renovations in the next couple of weeks. Repairs have cost $17 million “and climbing” already, he said, pushing claims toward Catholic Mutual Insurance’s $20 million total.

After months of structural engineer reports, Schumacher said it has been determined that the school’s main office will have to be razed.

“It’s obviously becoming worse and worse,” he said. “This will not be easy to do. It’s gonna be a very delicate demolition.”