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Press asks the readers: Is Dickinson a better place than it was 5 years ago?

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For the past two weeks, Dickinson has been flooded with visitors for Roughrider Days and the Fourth of July, and it seems like most people who come to our area ask the same question in many different ways? 

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“Do you like what is going on in Dickinson and western North Dakota?” “Do you think western North Dakota is better than it was before the oil boom?” Or, “Isn’t it exciting what is happening to Dickinson?”

It’s likely all of us have had a family member, friend, colleague or even a stranger ask our opinion. There are almost as many answers to the question as there are people asking them. Some people can’t hide their enthusiasm. Others outwardly express their dissatisfaction with what is happening.

At The Dickinson Press, we believe it would be helpful to ask our community how they feel about what is happening in the area. Your opinion is going to be affected by many things. How long have you lived here? Where do you call home if you don’t live here full time? Do you work in the energy industry?

We have put together a brief, 11-question survey that asks those questions. We will ask your opinion on how the oil boom has impacted you and the area. We want you to rate your area of greatest concern on 10 issues. One question gives you the chance to share your opinion on what the amenities the area needs. Finally, there is a place to leave your thoughts about the changing landscape of Dickinson and southwest North Dakota. You can leave your name if you wish, but it is not required. We welcome letters to the editor if you need more space to express your views.

You can fill out the survey online by visiting on your computer or mobile device, or through the written survey on Page A3 of today’s Press and Wednesday’s Advertizer. You can return the written survey to The Press or the payment drops at either EconoFoods or behind Dickinson City Hall. We encourage you to share the link or paper version with those who may not have access to the website or the newspaper.

We don’t promise that the survey will be scientific, but we can promise that we’ll publish the results in the month of July. We believe the results of the survey will be very interesting and create an open dialog, which is always good for a community.