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New England buys skid steer

NEW ENGLAND — On Monday night, New England City Council members voted to buy a new skid steer, which can be used for construction and landscaping projects.

The city will pay $37,085 for the skid steer, but will not use any tax money to do so, said city auditor Jason Jung.

For the past two years, New England has sold its gray water, or wastewater from showers, baths and other washing machines. Oil and gas companies can use the water in the fracking process, Jung said.

Jung estimated that more than $150,000 is now available in the city’s gray water bank account, which has been used to buy other equipment, like a garbage truck.

Council members are considering hiring West Fargo-based Moore Engineering to supervise an overhaul of New England’s dated sewer and water systems. Moore will present grant options to officials at next month’s meeting.