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Signs for chip seal project cause some confusion

Press Photo by Nadya Faulx One of the many ‘no parking’ signs that appeared around the city over the weekend is seen Monday. The warnings are part of the city’s chip seal road maintenance project now underway.

Dickinson’s 2014 chip seal project is underway, as evidenced by the mysterious yellow signs reading “No parking during daylight hours” that cropped up around the city over the weekend.

Confused residents have been calling the city since the signs went up, Public Works Director Gary Zuroff said.

Minnesota-based Astech Corp. has been patching cracks and joints since July 7 in preparation of the actual chip seal project.

The company is supposed to notify property owners of its work ahead of time, but it is unclear whether residents have been contacted. A company representative did not immediately return calls to The Press.

The signs are intended as a 48-hour notice to move vehicles ahead of road work, though Zuroff told Monday’s City Commission meeting that towing cars will be a last resort to clear streets.

“We’re going to try as much as we can to notify the public,” he said.

He said more information about the project schedule will be made in coming days.