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Belfield Council signs agreement to contract temporary auditor

The City of Belfield will be contracting a temporary auditor to handle duties until the position is filled permanently.

At a special meeting held Tuesday, the Belfield City Council approved a proposed temporary auditor service agreement from engineering firm Kadrmas, Lee and Jackson, who will contract out the position.

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Mayor Leo Schneider said no one has been named to the position yet, but a temporary auditor is expected to take over duties Monday, almost four weeks after longtime auditor Cindy Ewoniuk resigned, citing health concerns and stressful working conditions.

The commission considered a proposal from KLJ as well as AE2S Engineering, who submitted rates between $137.00 and $155 per hour. KLJ submitted lower rates: between $60 and $100 an hour.

The position is being contracted through KLJ because the firm can come up “with anybody qualified,” Schneider said.

Whoever is chosen to the temporary position will take over all duties of a city auditor outlined in the North Dakota Century Code, with minor changes.

Schneider said the permanent city auditor position is accepting applications until Aug. 1; three people have applied so far.