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Dickinson man arrested breaking into old apartment

Officers arrested a Dickinson man was arrested for criminal trespass and criminal mischief after he tried to break into the apartment he had been evicted from previously.

Daniel Gonzalez, 29, returned to his apartment complex on the 400 block of Sims Street on Friday evening and kicked in the door to his old apartment. Building management called the police and Gonzalez was taken into custody.

He faces charges of criminal trespass and criminal mischief for damage on the door. Officers served a City of Dickinson warrant on Gonzalez related to a disorderly conduct charges in May.

Gonzalez was taken to the Southwest Multi-County Correction Center and will have to appear before a judge later this month.

Bar fight ends in trespassing arrest

A scuffle at the Spur Bar ended in a man’s arrest after he refused to leave the property.

Adam Taylor, of Columbia, S.C., got into an altercation with another individual late Friday night. When officers arrived and told him to leave the bar, the 29-year-old refused and was arrested for criminal trespass.

Woman’s home burglarized,

air gun missing

A woman reported items missing from her home after she arrived from an extended period away to find her back door ajar.

She told officers that a Coach bag and air gun were taken from her home on the 1500 block of First Street West. She indicated that she left her back door unlocked, Dickinson Police Detective Terry Oestreich said.

There are no leads and no suspects.

Dickinson woman arrested for assault

Officers arrested a Dickinson woman for domestic violence Saturday afternoon after she allegedly hit her boyfriend in the head with an ashtray.

Megan Roering, 27, had been in an argument with her boyfriend when the incident took place. The boyfriend had a lump on the head, but no ambulance was called.

Roering was taken into custody and faces charges of simple assault.

Man arrested after assault on wife

A domestic violence incident at the Relax Inn motel on 12th Street West ended in a man’s arrest early Monday morning.

Jose Ayende, 33, who lists the motel as his address, was fighting with his wife and another male when officers were called. Ayende was arrested for domestic violence and is being held at the Southwest Multi-County Correction Center without bail.

He faces charges of aggravated assault. His wife was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital where she was treated for her injuries.