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Two land annexations possible

Already-growing Dickinson could be set to expand even more, if two new annexations are approved.

The annexation resolutions were approved at Monday’s City Commission meeting, but affected landowners will have the final say over their passage.

One resolution approved at Monday’s meeting would annex 214 acres west of State Avenue North between 21st and 40th streets for the Koch Meadow Hills Fifth Addition.

The developer of the subdivision requested to be included in city limits, City Attorney Matt Kolling said, but "in order to provide for consistency in the city’s boundaries and in order not to create a hole within our annexation or city limits," property along the east side of State Avenue would be included in the resolution.

Some land on the west side of the avenue owned by Montana-Dakota Utilities would also be included in the annexation, Kolling said.

All affected landowners will be notified by mail of the proposals and will have 30 days to file written protests. If owners of more than one-fourth of the property file protests, the annexation will be barred.

Kolling said he expects one or two protests over the Koch Meadow Hills annexation.

Both resolutions will be brought before the commission again at the Sept. 15 meeting.

Badlands Storage is also requesting to be included within city boundaries. The 3.86-acre plot of land is located west of Highway 22, north of 29th Street.

The annexation "will encourage the natural and well-ordered development of the City and the area proposed to be annexed," the resolution states.

A final plat, special use permit and rezoning petition for the property were approved at the commission’s July 7 meeting.