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Brothers riding across country for charity

Sandy, Bobby, Dennis, Raleigh and Chelsea Jenkins are biking and traveling across the country to raise awareness for charity. Photo by Harvey Brock/The Dickinson Press

Three brothers—Bobby, Raleigh and Dennis Jenkins—stopped at Dickinson's Dakota Diner for lunch Monday. The brothers from Texas are riding bikes from Washington to New York to raise charitable donations and awareness for two causes: A Child's Hope and the Moss Pieratt Foundation.

The brothers left Seattle 20 days ago and have averaged 70 miles a day as planned to end up in New York City after roughly 55 days, according to a press release. So far they have experienced head-high snow on the side of the road in Washington, more than 90 degree heat in Montana and, most challenging of all, strong North Dakota winds. Despite the sometimes harsh conditions and long hours on their bikes, the brothers have been touched by the people they have met along the way.

"The outpouring of support from the people we have met along the way has been amazing," Bobby said.

Beyond the support, the brothers were surprised by the connection so many people feel to their cause.

"So many people are aware of the charities we are supporting, and we were surprised by the number of people we have met on the road who are on their own quest," Raleigh said.

Bobby is riding for the Moss Pieratt Foundation, Raleigh is riding for A Child's Hope and Dennis is riding for both charities.

Bobby, Raleigh and Dennis are each owners of ABC Home and Commercial Services in Austin, Houston and Dallas, respectively.

"I feel blessed that we have businesses that will allow us to be gone for two months, and I feel honored to ride alongside my two brothers," said Dennis, according to a press release. "The charities that we are supporting are near and dear to my heart and very personal in nature to both of my brothers."

A Child's Hope creates a home for lost and abandoned children in Haiti. With a Christian foundation, the focus is on education as well as the physical and mental well-being of each child.

"Haiti became very important to me after the earthquake in 2010," Raleigh said in the press release. "The number of lost and abandoned children quickly became our focus, and we are building our first home where 42 children will live. Raising money for A Child's Hope is crucial for the lives of these kids."

The Moss Pieratt Foundation honors the cherished life of Bobby's grandson, Moss Pieratt, whose death is classified as Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood. The Moss Pieratt Foundation promotes awareness and raises funds to find a cause or cure for the sudden unexplained death of children older than a year.

"This ride is near and dear to my heart," Bobby said in the press release. "Riding for my angel Moss and all SUDC families and getting to do it with my brothers - is a wonderful opportunity to make a difference."

The three brothers are accompanied by their mother, Sandy Jenkins, and Bobby's daughter, Chelsea Jenkins. Chelsea and Sandy will be driving the support and gear vehicle while helping promote awareness and raise funds for the ride. To learn more, donate and stay up-to-date on the Brothers Bike journey, go to All of the tax-deductible donations will go toward the two causes.