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State university leaders to see bigger paychecks

The North Dakota State Board of Higher Education approved a 2 percent salary increase for Dickinson State University President Dr. Richard McCallum and extended his contract until 2013 at its meeting in Minot on Thursday.

The board approved pay raises for 10 college presidents ranging from McCallum's low of 2 percent to highs of 6 percent, which take effect July 1.

McCallum's salary for the 2010-2011 school year was $173,316. The increase, which amounts to $3,466, brings his salary for the 2011-2012 school year to $176,782.

McCallum said he is very pleased and honored by the increase, adding he is looking forward to working with the chancellor and State Board of Higher Education.

University of North Dakota President Robert Kelley and North Dakota State University President Dean Bresciani are North Dakota's highest-paid college presidents.

Kelley will make $330,000 during the next school year, while Bresciani will make $312,000.

SBHE member Duaine Espegard said the state's college presidents are doing a good job and the raises are reasonable.

North Dakota University System Chancellor Bill Goetz said salary increases depend on where the individuals are on the pay range and are influenced by market salaries in the


McCallum's rankings in the review are satisfactory progress, fully satisfactory, exceeds expectations and excellent, Goetz said.

Goetz said he sees evaluations as a tool for initiating improvement adding everyone has strengths and weaknesses and identifying weaknesses helps individuals change them to strengths.

McCallum's contract expires in 2012 but was extended an additional year.

Goetz said when a contract is soon to expire he reviews it to decide if it will be renewed and for how long.

He said usually when extending contracts he grants between one and three years.

"It depends on the individual's length of service and situations where they need improvement, such as leadership and decision making," Goetz said.

"I am delighted my contract was extended," McCallum said. "It has been a pleasure serving as president and I foresee many good things to come."