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District 36 Dems endorse Bev Berger for the House

Bev Berger

The District 36 Democratic Party has filled its slate for state legislative candidates, officials announced Monday.

The party has endorsed Bev Berger of Richardton to run for the House of Representatives, according to a press release from the District Chairman Dean Meyer of Dickinson.

"We were really excited," incumbent Rep. Shirley Meyer, D-Dickinson, said. "Bev is just known for her work with cancer and advocating to help people that have had cancer. She is so dedicated and hardworking and just looked at this as an exciting opportunity."

Berger will join Shirley Meyer and Senate candidate Richard Braun.

Braun serves as Dickinson State University's interim vice president of academic affairs.

"His expertise is in the field of higher education, and I do believe that is one area that is going to be very much grilled this coming session," said Shirley Meyer, who has been in the House since 2005.

Braun will face off against Republican Kelly Armstrong for the Senate race. Shirley Meyer and Berger will go head-to-head with Rep. Mike Schatz, R-New England, and Republican representative candidate Alan Fehr of Dickinson.

The District 36 Democratic Party did not have a second representative candidate at its convention Feb. 12, but Schatz "fully expected them to have a full slate," he said.

"I expect it to be a good campaign about the issues, and I'm sure it will be interesting because of the changing district," he said.

The state legislature changed the boarders of districts throughout the state, including that of District 36, but Schatz said it shouldn't alter the voting base drastically.

"There will be new faces and new people to meet," he said.

Berger and the other Democratic candidates should fare well in the election in November, Shirley Meyer said.

"(Berger) is very connected with the community," she said. "She's kind of a person that when she puts her mind to it she usually gets it done."

Berger did not return calls to the Press.