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Cast for 2013 Medora Musical announced

The cast and band members for the 2013 "Medora Musical" season have been announced, according to a release Monday from the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation.

The 12 singers and dancers slated for the production hail from nine states and include Mark Baily Capalbo (New York City), Dan Crary (Billings, Mont.), Cari Downing (Rock Island, Ill.), Kevin Korczynski (Bel Air, Md.), Steve Lasiter (Beaumont, Texas), Lauren McKeal (Waco, Texas), Candice Lively (Strawberry Plains, Tenn.), Kayla Rickter (Morristown, Tenn.), Carolyn Schmitz (Wells, Minn.), Chet Wollan (St. Anthony, Minn.) Lindsey Spencer (Lexington, Ky.) and Gerry Williams (Durham, N.C.).

The show's live band -- "The Coal Diggers" -- will be comprised of Ed Avila, Mark Bohn, Nick Kellie, Josephine Michener, Roger Rettig and Jim Stevenson.

Taking place nightly through Sept. 7, the musical kicks off its season June 7 at Burning Hills Amphitheatre in Medora. Shows are slated to begin this season at 7:30 p.m. MDT. For more information or for tickets, visit