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Bismarck bike clubs raising money for monument

BISMARCK (AP) -- Two Bismarck-based motorcycle clubs are teaming up to create a monument for veterans

The Viet Nam Vets Legacy Vets and the Second Brigade have raised nearly $100,000 of the $200,000 needed.

The 30-foot-wide, 7-foot-high Prisoner of War and Missing in Action memorial will be built north of the All Veterans Cemetery chapel.

National VNVLV secretary Butch Olson says the memorial will list the 360 or so names of all POWs from North Dakota from World War I, World War II, Vietnam, Korea, the Cold War and through today.

Olson says money for the monument has been raised through donations from businesses and the public.

The clubs are commemorating Memorial Day with an honor ride for veterans ending at the cemetery south of Mandan.