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Cavalier officials seek help for sinkhole

CAVALIER -- Officials in Cavalier are seeking state and federal help to repair a section of a major street that collapsed during flooding last week that temporarily forced the city's evacuation.

The sinkhole appeared on West Second Avenue North, about 10 feet from a bridge over the Tongue River that provides a major entrance to Cavalier City Park and the local swimming pool.

"It's the width of the street," City Auditor Katie Werner said. "It's a major safety concern, with kids going to the swimming pool."

Engineers were in Cavalier on Wednesday to assess the damage, Werner said. The exact cause of the collapse has not been determined.

Local officials hope to repair the street using money from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Werner said the funds also could help stabilize the riverbank.

Cavalier -- a Pembina County city of about 1,300 residents -- was evacuated for 60 hours last week after heavy rains filled the Tongue River watershed and threatened an emergency spillway at Renwick Dam.

The dam held, but the river spilled out of its banks in portions of Cavalier.