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UPDATED: Straight-line winds responsible for Dickinson storm damage

A storm that passed over Dickinson on Tuesday night damaged this storage building on GTA Drive just west of Dickinson.1 / 3
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UPDATE: Damage caused by a severe thunderstorm Tuesday evening in Dickinson was surveyed Wednesday by the National Weather Service, which determined that, despite numerous reports of funnel clouds, the city was not hit by a tornado.

According to the weather service's Bismarck office, a severe thunderstorm struck Dickinson's west side particularly hard with heavy rain, small hail and winds with speeds of up to 90 mph.

A storage building in rural Dickinson took the brunt of the damage, Stark County Emergency Manager Bill Fahlsing said. The winds blew in garage doors, tore loose the roof and damaged the cinder-block walls.

Other buildings sustained damaged from the missing roof of the storage facility.

"The damage surveyed was consistent with straight line thunderstorm winds ... and not a tornado," the National Weather Service wrote in a statement. "The damage surveyed indicated wind speeds of approximately 90 mph. A peak wind gust of 87 mph from this storm was recorded at the Dickinson airport."

A funnel cloud was sighted by several individuals, including law enforcement, Fahlsing said.

Dickinson's tornado sirens went off once there was visual confirmation, Fahlsing said. However, he said there was a malfunction and not all sirens rang. A company will be coming in an attempt to correct the issue.

Original story: A storm with bouts of heavy rain, small hail and strong winds moved through Dickinson and southwest North Dakota on Tuesday evening, damaging some property along the way.

On GTA Drive, just west of Dickinson, a storage facility's doors were blown in and its roof ripped off, eyewitnesses told a Stark County Sheriff's Office deputy at the scene. Small hail littered the ground in the immediate area of the facility.

The National Weather Service in Bismarck confirmed an 87 mph wind gust at the Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport south of Dickinson at 8:18 p.m.