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Heitkamp references Hettinger family in Senate speech

WASHINGTON -- Speaking partly about the snow storm that hit parts of South Dakota and southwest North Dakota beginning on Oct. 4, Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., referenced a story Thursday about fallen cattle discovered near Hettinger in the aftermath of the storm.

"Over two days, South Dakota and southwestern North Dakota were hit with a terrible snow storm," said Heitkamp on the Senate floor. "Because of the early storm, tens of thousands of cattle died because they were suffocated, mired and drowned in stock dams or dropped from exhaustion. The pictures and story were devastating."

Referencing Dan Christman and his family in her speech, Heitkamp presented a blown-up photo of dead cows, which ran in The Dickinson Press on Oct. 8. Heitkamp bemoaned the current government shutdown that the U.S. is mired in and the lack of a Farm Bill as developments that will continue to hurt North Dakota ranchers.

"These herds are products of years and years of improving the quality of the herd," Heitkamp said. "Right now, people experiencing cattle loss and nowhere to report their losses and they don't have anyone at USDA to consult with about the information they need to collect to eventually report their claims."