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Game’s future part of talks, but not Nickle Trophy

GRAND FORKS — North Dakota State University Athletic Director Gene Taylor said the days of the state’s two universities vying for the Nickel Trophy likely are over.

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Taylor’s reason is not because the two teams won’t meet again, however. Taylor said he is optimistic after recent talks between the two schools about meeting in football, perhaps even as early as 2015. Other possibilities are 2017 and 2019, he said.

“We’re not quite on the same page yet,” he said. “We haven’t been able to finalize any dates because the scheduling is so hard.”

If the two schools want to award a trophy to the winner, however, the Nickel is not the answer, Taylor said.

“Based on what is on one side of the Nickel, I’m not sure it’s appropriate anymore,” he said.

Taylor was referring to the image of a Native American on one side of the trophy. Just like the five-cent piece, the Nickel trophy has an image of a Native American on one side and a Bison on the other. Without tribal approval, usage of Native American nicknames and images receive sanctions from the NCAA.

The University of North Dakota has possession of the Nickel because it won 28-21 in overtime in 2003, the most recent meeting between the two teams.

UND leads the series 62-45-3.