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Bismarck police cancel Amber Alert; girl safely recovered

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BISMARCK -- The Bismarck Police Department has canceled an Amber Alert for a 3-year-old girl who was allegedly abducted Wednesday night.

Jayvani WhiteEagle, last seen at a Bismarck laundromat on Wednesday night, was safely recovered in Parshall. 

An Amber Alert was issued shortly before noon Thursday for WhiteEagle after she was last seen at the King Coin Laundromat. Police said WhiteEagle was believed to have been with her biological mother, Jacqueline WhiteEagle, and Curtis Olson Jr., both of Parshall.

Jacqueline WhiteEagle does not have custody of Jayvani. In the initial Amber Alert, officials stated that they believed Jayvani could be in danger.