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Teamwork and laughter key to success

Aaron Friermood Dylan Haugen clean equipment used in the oilfields on Friday morning at the Baker Oil Tools Shop on Broadway in Dickinson

By Lisa Miller

The sound of metal clamoring, water gushing out of a pressure washer and male laughter filled the Baker Oil Tools shop on Broadway Friday morning.

Equipment Specialists Aaron Friermood, Dylan Haugen and Dallas Pasicznyk were busy cleaning and fixing tools used in the oil field.

"The tools we work with are used in all down-hole operations primarily containment and fracking of wells," Pasicznyk said.

The men say they enjoy their jobs and each other's company.

"Liking your co-workers and being able to B.S. with them while your working makes the day go faster," Friermood said.

The three men begin their day at 8 a.m. and accumulate between 50 and 60 hours a week.

"It's hard work so you got to like something about it," Pasicznyk said.

Friermood said he is originally from Wisconsin and moved to Dickinson because the economy was bad back home.

"I used to work for a cable bearing company," Friermood said. "When tourism in our town slowed and gas prices went up I knew I needed a change."

He added some friends of his had moved to Dickinson a few months prior so he talked with them and interviewed for a few jobs before choosing to work for Baker Hughes.

"I'm happy with my decision," Friermood said.

His co-worker Haugen had a different tale to tell.

"I'm originally from Hazen," Haugen said. "I just graduated from Bismarck State College in May and found a job here. I went to be a mechanic and this fit really well with what I like to do."

Haugen proudly added he is engaged to Stephanie Smith of Bismarck.

"I miss her most days because of the distance, but usually go visit her on my days off," Haugen said. He added another weekend past time of his is camping.

Friermood said he spends his weekends outdoors.

"I like fishing, hunting, camping, shooting, that sort of thing," Friermood said. "I have friends in Beulah I usually go with."

Friermood and Haugen are both living with friends in Dickinson and say they plan to stay.

"Dickinson is a good community," Friermood said. "It suits me just fine."