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Tesoro Logistics to fund dust control near Dunn Center

MANNING -- Tesoro Logistics agreed Wednesday to fund dust control efforts on a nearly two-mile stretch of gravel road north of Dunn Center.

Jim Grasl, Tesoro Logistics supervisor of crude trucking in Dickinson, told the Dunn County Commission at its monthly meeting at the Dunn County Courthouse in Manning that the gravel road on 97th Avenue from Center Street to Second Street will receive dust control treatment as early as Saturday.

Dust has been an issue across the area as heavy traffic picks up in the Oil Patch.

Tesoro Logistics will pay for the dust control. Grasl said it costs about $1.58 per gallon of the product and about a half-gallon of it is applied per square yard, but he did not know the exact cost.

Grasl said Tesoro runs 24 trucks down the road each day. He suggested that restricting the speed of vehicles is a good way to keep dust levels down.

Dust control was not done on the road last summer due to the wet spring, he said.

"This has been an issue and that's why we got (Commissioner Bob Kleeman) involved," Grasl told a group of residents who live near Center and Second streets after the meeting. "Like I said in the meeting, our people at Tesoro live in the community and care about the community, so when our trucks are speeding, our trucks are raising dust and our families are all affected."

Commissioner Glen Eckelberg said, "It was a combination of holes in the communication on everybody's part."

Commissioner Bob Kleeman said he received a call from residents two weeks ago, informing him that dust control had not happened this year.

Grasl said he did call Mike Zimmerman, Dunn County's road superintendent.

He also contacted Z & S Dust Control, which Tuesday gave him a project completion date of July 19.

Zimmerman said he has made an effort to bring the company to town sooner.

"We called them the other day to get them out here, but they're swamped and can't get materials out here sooner," he said. "I'm going to try and get it done this week."

Dust may have been the cause of an April 22 accident in South Heart, where a car carrying Mary Hodell of Dickinson and her five children collided with a semi on a gravel road.

Hodell is still in a wheelchair following the accident, said family friend Charlie Grandell of Dickinson.

"I just wonder what can be done and what truck companies are doing to stop dust-related accidents like Mary's from happening?" he said.