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Making room for residents in Taylor: Out-of-state company's land purchase the site of construction

Taylor is making room for residents with a months-old out-of-state company's land purchase as the town grows with an oil boom that's brought thousands of new residents to western North Dakota.

Taylor Mayor Russ Myran, who was elected this summer, said permits have been obtained and three houses are in the process of being built on the town's east edge.

In total, 40 or 50 houses could be built on the property, he said.

"If they all get built, that would be a tremendous amount for Taylor," Myran said.

Councilman Ron Luff, who grew up south of Taylor but has lived in the town for more than 30 years, predicts that the growth will not end for a while.

"I think the growth in Taylor has just started and I don't know when the end date would be," Luff said.

Valtex, an out-of-state company with an office in Richardton, purchased the land. Contacted on Thursday by The Dickinson Press for comment, the calls went unreturned.

Luff said this is likely the first development of its kind in Taylor.

"What these people do is that they own land and also want to build the houses," he said. "They want to do the work and be the builders of houses as well."

Councilman Aaron Gjermundson, who was also elected to the council in June, said the construction will open up new housing possibilities for the community.

"A few years ago, Taylor looked to be drying up," he said. "But because of the oil boom and people are running out places to live in places like Dickinson, Williston and Watford City, we're seeing growth now. Not too long ago, there were only 84 houses inhabited in Taylor, so that's a lot of growth for us."

Luff guessed that the growth in Taylor could be linked to the community's many desirable attributes.

"We're a relatively quiet and small community when compared to a place like Dickinson," he said. "We may not have the services that Dickinson has, but we're kind of on the fringe of the oil activity, which is desirable to many people. Most of that activity is to the west of us, so we don't have the heavy traffic that towns like Belfield or Killdeer might have.

"What we do have, though, is a good school system that I think people appreciate when they're looking to move somewhere," he added.