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Dakota Recreation Report

Outdoor notes

- Ice is never completely safe. Avoid areas with vegetation, moving water, pressure ridges, and springs. Check with local bait shops for any ice condition information.

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- Harassing wildlife and chasing coyotes with snowmobiles is illegal.

- March 8: Spring crow season open.

- March 15: Permanent icehouses must be off state waters but can be used if removed daily.

- March 15: West Dakota Mule Deer Foundation banquet, Minot.

- March 15: Darkhouse spearfishing season closes.

- March 15: Bobcat and weasel hunting, cable devices, archery, and trapping seasons close.


- North Dakota Game and Fish Department District game wardens: No reports from southwestern lakes. Lake Audubon and Lake Sakakawea remain fair in the evening for walleye. Work shallow water for pike on both lakes. Bring auger extensions. Pike success slowed on Lake Sakakawea’s south shore.

- Bismarck, Dakota Tackle, Missouri River/area lakes: Some anglers on Eckroth Bottoms on the Missouri River. Lake Audubon remains fair. Lots of activity at Sweetbriar but no reports on success.

- Dickinson, Andrus Outdoors, Lake Sakakawea/area lakes: Not many anglers on the ice throughout many area lakes. Look for more activity with warmer weather.

- Dickinson, Runnings Farm and Fleet, Lake Sakakawea/area lakes: Limited activity but look for more anglers out with better weather.

- Garrison, Cenex Bait and Tackle, Lake Sakakawea: Fewer anglers on the ice in the colder weather with fair walleye success on Lake Sakakawea and Lake Audubon. Pike spearing success slowed on Lake Sakakawea, however.

- Glen Ullin, Fitterer’s Inc., Lake Tschida: No reports from Lake Tschida.

- Mandan, Southside MVP, Missouri River/area lakes: Not much activity on the Missouri River or small lakes.

- Pick City, Scott’s Bait and Tackle, Lake Sakakawea/Missouri River: Lake Sakakawea continues producing walleye and pike with most activity around Wolf Creek. Look for continued small walleye success on Lake Audubon.

- New Town, Scenic 23, Lake Sakakawea: Fair but inconsistent walleye success.

- Williston, Scenic Sports, Lake Sakakawea/Missouri River: Trenton Lake continues producing crappie. Blacktail Dam fair to good for perch with a few walleye mixed in. Missouri River fishing winding down for the season. Lake Sakakawea fair but move around to locate walleye schools.

North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department state parks cross-country ski trails

- Fort Stevenson, Garrison: Trails poor to fair with conditions a little better in the trees. Grooming will take place if snow conditions improve.

- No updates from other trails.

Downhill skiing

- Big Sky Resort, Big Sky, Mont.: 65- to 98-inch machine groomed, powder base with 293 runs, all lift, 3 jumps, and 102 rails open.

- Bridger Bowl Ski Area, Bozeman, Mont.: 97-inch machine groomed, packed powder base with all runs and lifts open.

- Huff Hills, Mandan: 19- to 22-inch base with 7 runs, 1 lift, and tow open.

- Red Lodge Ski Area, Red Lodge, Mont.: 57- to 61-inch machine groomed, packed powder base with all runs and lifts open.

- Ski Mystic at Deer Mtn., Lead, S.D.: 28- to 46-inch machine groomed base with 40 runs and 4 lifts open.

- Terry Peak, Lead, S.D.: 18- to 28-inch base with all runs and lifts open.

Snowmobile North Dakota

- East Central Valley (Cass and Richland counties): Fargo East, West, and Cass South trails now open with 6- to 7-inch base.

- Lake Region (Nelson and Ramsey counties): All trails open except 5 with 6- to 12-inch base.

- North-central (Benson, McHenry, Pierce, Ramsey, and Towner counties): Trails 1, 2, and 3, Sand Lake, Jordan, Lake, and Midway Lake open with 4- to 8-inch base.

- Northeast (Cavalier, Pembina, and Walsh counties: All trails open with 5- to 6-inch base.

- Peace Garden (Bottineau and Rolette counties): Trails 1 through 5 open with 4- to 6-inch base.

- Red River North (Pembina and Walsh counties): All trails open and groomed with 6-inch base.

- Red River South (Grand Forks and Walsh counties): All trails open with 6- to 8-inch base.

- Southern Valley (Richland County): Trails open and groomed with 4- to 6-inch base.

- Sno Trails (Bottineau, McHenry, Renville, and Ward counties): All trails except Velva, Kramer, and Lansford open with 4-inch base.

- All other trails closed.

Numbers to know

- NDGF Department main Bismarck office: 701-328-6300; website (

- NDGF Department Dickinson office: 701-227-7431.

- Report All Poachers: 800-472-2121.

- U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Bismarck, website: (

Patricia Stockdill