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Having a wild encounter with baby raccoons

Courtesy Photo by Mike Peterson Baby raccoons appear to pose for Mike Petersen and his camera.

BRAINERD, Minn. — Mike Petersen is no stranger to wildlife encounters.

His home is on the Mississippi River near the French Rapids in Brainerd. However, last week something happened that he had never seen before.

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Around dinner time Petersen walked around the corner of his house and saw some movement under the steps of his hot tub. What he saw next could only be described as cute.

When Petersen walked over to the deck where the hot tub is located four sets of dark eyes peered out right back at him.

Four baby raccoons, or bandits as they are sometimes referred to as, were hanging out under the steps.

“Since cute turns to pests pretty quickly I shooed them out of there,” Petersen said.

The raccoons scampered about 30 feet away and stopped at the base of a tree.

What happened next was even more intriguing to Peterson.

All four raccoons stood at the tree based and appeared to be posing for Petersen and his camera. Finally, after what Petersen described as a lengthy photo session, the raccoons walked into the woods in a single file line.