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Hebron is losing water: Officials sign contract with company to search for leaks

Records show Hebron is losing hundreds of thousands of gallons of water each month, but officials are scratching their heads over where it's going.

Ken Rehling, Hebron City Council president, said he is anticipating a leak, but that has yet to be found.

"You'd think it would have to come to the surface someplace if we're losing that much," said City Supervisor Jim Raaf.

"It's not going into the sewer, I know that. So I have no idea what causes it, where it's going."

A contract was signed Monday with a company to check for leaks, Rehling said.

It will cost about $3,000 to have the plumbing analyzed, he added.

"If we find there is some leakage, we'll save that kind of money by getting it repaired," Rehling said.

City Auditor Jade Canen said the readings taken this month show the water loss was between 6 percent and 9 percent.

Raaf said that amounted to about 101,400 gallons.

"That's two water towers," he said. "There are some months where we were at 20 percent water loss. Well, that's over a half a million gallons and I don't believe that. It can't be. That would have to come up."

He wonders if there is an error in the system used to track water.

It's unclear how long water has been disappearing, but Raaf said there's been a loss every month since he began his job nearly three years ago.

So far the city has used the extra money charged to residents in their water bill for maintenance costs to pay for the loss, Rehling said.

"We have a little extra money in there to take care of discrepancies like that, but in time it's not going to pay off anymore," he said.

Residents will then have to pick up the tab, he added.

The plumbing will be checked for leaks within the next few months, Rehling said.