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State Water Commission rejects 3 bids for New Hradec tank project

The State Water Commission has rejected multiple bids for the New Hradec water tank project that would expand water service north of Dickinson into Dunn County.

The three construction bids that were received on the first advertisement earlier this year for the New Hradec Tank project were opened during a Feb. 19 meeting of the State Water Commission in Bismarck.

"But, unfortunately, we had to reject all three bids," said Sindhuja S. Pillai-Grinolds, P.E. Southwest Pipeline project manager. "We are currently re-advertising for bids and the bid opening is scheduled for March 21."

Mary Massad, manager and CEO of Southwest Water Authority, said the New Hradec water tank project will help open up capacity in rural areas where people have been on a waiting list for water due to capacity issues.

She added that the State Water Commission has the option to either accept one of the bids that were submitted or the commission could opt to rebid the entire project and start the process over again.

Located at a reservoir eight miles north of Dickinson on the top of a hill one mile north of New Hradec, the project will include the installation of a nearly 300,000-gallon welded steel or glass-coated bolted steel water storage reservoir and inlet/outlet pipes.

It is anticipated that work to install the water tank will begin during the current construction season after a bid is accepted by the State Water Commission, Massad said.

The water tank was made possible for New Hradec because of House Bill 1269, which was signed into law last month by Gov. Jack Dalrymple.

The bill provides $31 million for rural water projects, which Dalrymple said would help to bring "affordable, high-quality water to more rural areas in North Dakota," according to a press release.

About 86 percent of residents in North Dakota receive their drinking water through a public water system, according to the state Department of Health.

The bill is part of a larger funding effort for statewide water supply projects and flood protection.

Even with the New Hradec water tank, a portion of Dunn County will still not be hooked up to Southwest Water services, officials said.