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Letter: Wind turbines will destroy our quality of life

We live and own our home in the area proposed by NextEra Energy for its wind generation facility near Gladstone. We are opposed to the proposed facility and ask that the Stark County Commission and Planning and Zoning boards deny NextEra’s permit request.

In our understanding, NextEra has not adequately studied many of the impacts of the proposed turbines. It is making general assumptions that do not take into account the specific turbine locations or surrounding homes and land. It simply says it will address any problems that do arise. 

We should not have to take the word of the company that it will do the right thing if a problem arises after it gets it’s permits. In that situation, it has all the bargaining power and no incentive to be reasonable or care about the impacts on area residents. NextEra should be expected to study in detail the possible noise, shadow flicker, wildlife and visual impacts of it’s final actual turbine locations before any permit is issued so that any problems can be addressed beforehand to everyone’s satisfaction 

Just because NextEra is in a hurry to build the project doesn’t mean that permits should be issued in a hurry without regard to area residents on a promise that everything will be alright.

We chose to live in this area because of it’s natural aesthetics and open views, uninterrupted by industrial facilities. The addition of dozens of large wind turbines in close proximity to our property will diminish or destroy that natural beauty. 

Future development is based on the idea that others will want to live here, where no such industrial equipment and activity interferes with enjoyment of the natural environment.

Over time, land values will drop and the economic prospects of our property will decline, because no one will want to live near a wind farm because of the noise and shadow flicker. 

We that ask the zoning board and county commission say “no” to the project or at least require turbines to be located 1½ to 2 miles from the property of any landowner not participating in the project, so as to protect our rights to enjoy our property. 

We also encourage everyone who will live in the vicinity of the wind turbines to become involved and aware of the issues involved. 

Now is the time. Once they are built, it’ll be too late.

Rodney and Carolyn Mitzel, Dickinson