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Joyce Cecilia Kostelecky

Joyce Cecilia Kostelecky

Joyce Cecilia Kostelecky, 72, of Bothell, Washington, passed away on May 28, 2017, joining Allen, her husband of 50 years. Joyce raised two sons, Parry and Wayne, and enjoyed spoiling her four grandchildren, Leah, Lauren, Nicholas, and Drew.

Joyce, the youngest of fifteen children, was born in Dickinson, North Dakota and is preceded in death by siblings Dora, Frankie, Eva, Margaret, Peter (Spud), Anton, Marion, Josie, Evelyn, Delores and Leroy. She will be missed by her sisters Veronica (Froni), Marlene (Mertz) and Elaine.

A Gladstone, North Dakota farm girl, Joyce graduated from St. Joseph's School of Nursing in 1963. Joyce retired from nursing after over 40 years of caring for people. Joyce's grandkids remember her fondly for her homemade pies, her special before-school hotcakes, and Coco Wheats. They remember how she called them "schtootskup" and threatened to put them to work, but then bought Beanie Babies and Hot Wheels for them instead. She was always willing when Drew asked for "just one more pitch, Gramma, one more pitch!"

Joyce will be interred with Allen in the North Dakota Veteran's Cemetery on Mandan, North Dakota.