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Letter: City does great job taking care of cemeteries

I wish to add these comments to Skip Rapp's letter concerning the cemeteries which was published Wednesday.

As many people may know, I am the "wanderer" of the cemeteries in April and May each year, cleaning and grooming veterans' markers in preparation for Memorial Day weekend. This process is done before the individual flags are placed on each veterans' marker and I have done this for the last four years.

This past Memorial Day, 780 flags were put out and we had a media specialist from the North Dakota National Guard come to Dickinson on May 22 to do an article about the Dickinson cemeteries for the National Guard paper. The comments made over and over by this specialist were how beautiful and respectful all our cemeteries were.

If anyone would know if our cemeteries were mowed and trimmed, it would be me, because I make one last walk through all cemeteries before placing out flags. This is done after the city has mowed and trimmed and I will attest to the fact that all Dickinson cemeteries were mowed and trimmed on May 18, 19 and 20. They were trimmed by young people who displayed the highest degree of respect for all the stones and markers.

During that week, I also saw Denny Smith and his assistant running from cemetery to cemetery fixing broken waterlines, etc. I saw Denny in the cemeteries at least four days that week, so I do know there was a great amount of effort done by all city employees in all our cemeteries.

As far as the dandelion and weed issue is concerned, I think we all have to remember how greatly the weather changes from day to day during that time of year. It's hot, it's cold, it's rainy and it's windy. Each day is very different from the previous day. Under these conditions, I believe Rapp and Smith and all city employees involved did a remarkable job in getting everything done and I highly commend them for all that was done.

I also believe we must keep in mind the true intentions of mowing and cleaning and grooming cemeteries, and these are simply to show honor and respect and dignity for the deceased.

Rapp and Smith and all city employees involved accomplished these intentions in a very respectful and professional manner and they all deserve to be recognized for all their efforts.

Brian Benesh, Dickinson