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Letter: Proceed with caution when taking a job

Southwestern North Dakota has a booming economy with many job opportunities for truck drivers.

There are many reputable companies to work for, but sadly there are some that are not.

Before taking a job, do your homework. Find out if you will be classified as an employee, or as a contract driver.

As an employee your company will withhold Social Security, Medicare, federal, state and any local taxes. You will also be covered by workers compensation insurance if you are hurt on the job.

As a contract driver, you are responsible for paying Social Security and Medicare at a higher rate, as well as federal, state and local taxes. You will also be responsible for paying your own medical bills if hurt on the job.

If you decide to become a contract driver get in writing what you will be paid, how often and if you will be paid, how often, and if you will be charged back for any schooling needed, your pre-employment physical, etc. if you end your employment with them.

If they have no such contract look for employment elsewhere, or you may find your final paycheck a lot less than you expected.

Lisa Niblett, Belfield