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Letter: 2012 a wild ride for Cowboy Hall of Fame

The North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame was saddled up and rarin' to go this 2012 tourism season. The chute gate was cracked wide open -- and we gave 2012 a heck of a ride!

This travel season, our award winning Center of Western Heritage & Cultures: Native American, Ranching and Rodeo was exposed to several thousand people experiencing North Dakota's cowboy way -- many for the first time.

We want to thank the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation for its clever incorporation of the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame -- Center of Western Heritage & Cultures in to this year's production of the Medora Musical. We sincerely appreciate the efforts made in doing such a great program. The show was top notch entertainment. A cowboy is fortunate to have a good neighbor to share a fence-line. TRMF is our good neighbor, as we are to them.

TRMF was a vision of Harold Shafer, who would have been 100 years old this year, to preserve the legacy of the town Medora. The NDCHF is the reality of a vision by our founding president Evelyn Neuens, a vision shared by countless others across this state, to preserve North Dakota's rich western heritage and culture.

Currently, the NDCHF is updating our strategic plan as we move into a new era. We are addressing new opportunities for our organization as well as identifying enhancements and upgrades to our premier interpretive center -- the Center of Western Heritage & Cultures: Native American, Ranching and Rodeo, in Medora.

As we acknowledge TRMF for this great partnership, we also thank the people of North Dakota who have visited our Center and have given to the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame. We are very grateful to serve as the Trail Boss in sustaining North Dakota's resilient western way of life, its cowboy culture and rich western heritage.

Saddle up and let's ride!


Raymond S. Morrell, executive director - North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame