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Letter: Does ND need a leader or a politician?

Being bombarded with campaign "hoopla" goes with the territory during an election year.

There are times it gets to be a little too much and if you are like me, you want to pull a pillow over your head until it is all over.

However, as a U.S. citizen, it is our right and patriotic duty to participate in the process.

In listening to the news, reading newspapers and perusing Internet coverage, there is one distinct question that I keep coming back to when it comes to the gubernatorial race and that is, "Do I want, and does our great state of North Dakota need, a 'leader' or a 'politician' to steer us into an unprecedented and uncertain future?"

There is a big difference. In my opinion, the choice is easy.

Ryan Taylor is the "leader" North Dakota needs. He has vision, wisdom, skill and common sense when it comes to conducting state affairs. He defines himself as "the people's governor."

Vote for Taylor and watch a leader make the people of North Dakota and the best interests of the state his top priority.

Our future depends on your choice. Choose wisely. Vote for Taylor for North Dakota governor.

Janell Hermann, Dickinson