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Port: Gov. Burgum runs afoul of state Senate's prohibition on wearing jeans

Doug Burgum listens as Ed Schafer is honored at his farewell reception at the Gorecki Alumni Center at UND Wednesday, June 15. Photo by Eric Hylden/Grand Forks Herald

Of course, right after I write a post about how well Governor Doug Burgum and lawmakers are working together, the former runs afoul of the latter’s dress code.

Burgum is, rather famously, a sort of dress-down kind of guy. Earlier this legislative session there was some grumbling among lawmakers about the way Burgum and Lt. Governor Brent Sanford were dressing.

Today Burgum got pinged by the Senate’s Sgt.-at-Arms about being on the floor of the Senate in jeans.

When I contacted Burgum spokesman Mike Nowatzki he was unaware of the incident, but Senate Majority Leader Rich Wardner (R-Dickinson) confirmed it to me.

The Sgt.-at-arms “asked him to step off” the Senate floor, Wardner told me.

“There was no scene or anything like that,” he added, going on to say that the Governor “knows he shouldn’t” wear jeans on the Senate floor “because we’ve been kind of trying to enforce that rule.”

Wardner made clear that the incident “wasn’t confrontational.”

It sounds like it was handled graciously by all involved.

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