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Byrd: Celebrating five years of marriage

Klark Byrd

From my desk at the newspaper, I watched with dread as dark billowing clouds filled the western Nebraska sky. It had been an abnormally dry year in Sidney, Neb., in 2008, something my soon-to-be bride and I had counted on for our wedding day.

But Saturday, Aug. 16, wasn't going to be an abnormally dry day. As my best man and I put on our tuxes, the sky opened up and gave Sidney what it so desperately needed -- rain.

We of course had contingency plans -- no one should plan an outdoor wedding without having a backup plan -- but it wouldn't have been the same as watching Krystle, escorted by her dad, walk the brick pathway through Sidney's Living Memorial Gardens, in full bloom and rich with color.

Luckily for us, there was magic in the air that day. An hour before wedding time, the sun burst through the clouds and dried up the rain, giving us a chance to get everything set up by the gazebo at the center of the garden.

A small gathering of friends, coworkers and family joined the preacher and I in the gazebo. The wedding party walked in pairs through the flowers and joined us. Then I saw Krystle for the first time that day.

Her chocolate brown hair laid in curls around her shoulders. The white, strapless wedding dress she wore only accentuated her beauty, as any good wedding dress will do for its bride.

The ceremony went off without a hitch. We recited the vows we had written ourselves and exchanged rings. With the sun shining brilliantly upon us, we exited the gazebo as Mr. and Mrs. Klark Byrd.

The day's magic spent, the clouds and rain returned after everyone was inside the Legion Park Shelter House, where we held our reception safely protected from the elements.

Now, here we are five years later living in North Dakota amid this oil boom culture. We've weathered sickness and health, rich times and poor times, and I've grown ever deeper in love with this wonderful woman who cheers me on and who reminds me to take out the trash. She's my best friend, my confidante, my partner in crime (note to police: that last one is just a figure of speech).

To my wife, I'd say I hope I've made you as happy as you've made me. Here's to the first five magnificent years of our marriage, and to the many more that will follow.

Happy anniversary, Krystle!

Byrd is the news editor for The Dickinson Press. Email him at or tweet him at klarkbyrd.