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Brock: Join me in No-Shave Dickinson, a fundraiser for the brave (and lazy)

Thankfully, the World Series is over.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love baseball. But as a Cubs and Orioles fan, it was tough to watch. I had to determine which team I liked less, so I guess it turned out OK.

Harvey Brock You couldn’t help notice the Red Sox’s beards they supposedly grew as a team to build unity.

Well they went from last place to world champions in one short year, so it is hard to argue with the results.

Still, even if they had finished in last place again, they didn’t have to shave for the whole year. I must admit to being a bit envious.

While cruising the Internet, I came across a project called Novembeard, Decembeard and a similar program called No-Shave November where clean-shaven guys don’t shave for the month of November and/or December and pledge money to a charity for their sacrifice. The most popular among guys seems to be the American Cancer Society to bring awareness for prostate cancer.

So in the spirit of ‘slacktivism’ at its best, I have decided put my boyish good looks and pride on hold for two months and pledge not to shave and donate a dollar a day to the American Cancer Society. Knowing there is safety in numbers, I am seeking kindred souls who want to join me in a couple of months of bypassing the razor and pledging your own small amount for each day of sacrifice.

This endeavor is not for the faint of heart or those strange men who like to shave.

No, this is for those who long for a day, for whatever reason, that they don’t have to shave, and because it is for charity, they have an excuse.

You can tell your boss, wife, girlfriend, kids, parents or whoever else holds you hostage to the blade that it is all about sacrifice, the greater good and not just being lazy. Who knows? Your beard might even grow on them.

The only rule is you must be clean shaven on Nov. 1 (mustaches are OK) and don’t shave until Jan. 1.

So I’m calling you out all my clean-shaven brothers, and you know who you are to take the challenge.

Those brave (lazy) enough who wish to join me and make the commitment, send me your before and after pictures, along with a check for your donation, and The Press will publish your before and after photos in January.

Brock is the publisher of The Dickinson Press. Email him at