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Brock: Celebrating what I’m thankful for today

Someone told me a long time ago the three most important things in life are faith, family and finances.

Thanksgiving gives me a moment to pause and give thanks for all that I have to be thankful for, and especially these three and the wisdom to appreciate them in that order.

Harvey Brock

Thankfully we live in a country where how we choose to worship or not is our choice. So many places in the world folks are persecuted because of their faith. Our freedom to worship was guaranteed by the writers of the Constitution and has been defended by legions of American soldiers ever since.

When I sit down for dinner and say grace today, I’m thankful for the men and women of our Armed Forces standing guard to protect this country and the freedoms I enjoy.

Today my wife and I will be enjoying dinner with our daughter, son-in-law and new granddaughter, Aurora.

Sometime during the day, I will talk to my sons and the rest of my family and, even though we will be miles apart, they will be in my prayers and thoughts on the day. I’m thankful for my wife, family and friends living and those who have passed on. Sadly, I never realized how important they were until too many were gone. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to let my family and friends still living know how much they mean to me.

I’m thankful to be healthy enough to go to work every day. I have been blessed with good health, which I took for granted until I spent a week in the hospital last winter and missed three weeks of work.

I am thankful for the material things in my life and, more importantly, an understanding that has come with age to know none are more important than faith and family.

I am blessed to work for a great company and get to work with great folks at The Press who constantly surprise me with their effort and achievements to better serve our customers on a daily basis.

We at The Press are blessed to have loyal readers who have a strong ownership of their paper who make it a joy to do our job.

Finally, I want to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving and urge you to join me in taking a minute to appreciate all we have to be thankful for and remember those not so fortunate.

Brock is the publisher of The Dickinson Press.

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