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Brock: Thanks to all who participated in No-Shave November

The first of November I issued a challenge to my clean-shaven brothers to put way their razors for No-Shave November. I must admit to being pleasantly surprised at the number of those who accepted.

While researching No-Shave November, I came across these facial hair facts on a website devoted to only those who grow beards, which reassured me once again there is a website for everything and that — as anyone can now easily see — when it comes to growing a beard, I fall way short of being average.

Harvey Brock The average male has 5 million hair follicles — three times as many as gorillas. And most men have about 25,000 whiskers. I probably have 500 follicles, 300 whiskers and look like a gorilla with or without the beard.

Shaving uses up five months of a man’s life if he starts at age 14 and clean-shaven men shave about 20,000 times over a lifetime. I started shaving purely out of vanity at 18, so shaving for my whole life may have cost me the two-week vacation I have yet to take.

Most of my brothers who left the razor on the shelf in November are once again their normal clean-shaven selves. I want to thank everyone who accepted my challenge to raise awareness and cash for charities by skipping shaving for the month of November.

I want to thank the wives and girlfriends who have put up with our grizzly lot, and personally want to thank those who crossed their fingers behind their back telling me my beard looked good.

Let me apologize in advance if I neglect to mention you by name, but thanks to Christian Kostelecky and the sales crew at Sax Motor Co., Brad Fong at Parkway Ford, Bob Karn at The Real Estate Co., and Dickinson Press Managing Editor Dustin Monke and News Editor Klark Byrd, along with the men of the management team at St. Joseph’s Hospital for accepting my challenge.

Others like Gaylon Baker, Jim Ozbun and me have even chosen to go the extra month of December ignoring the blade. Our decision to keep our beards through December seems a lot smarter than it did a week ago with wind chills in the 30-below zero ranges this week.

The No-Shave November challenge was all in good fun, but hopefully it caused folks to think about men’s cancer awareness and the hospice program at St Joseph’s.

I must admit to having a new appreciation for those who routinely sport a full beard. I only have a month to go and am getting used to my beard because it only wakes me up 10 to 20 times a night itching.

Brock is the publisher of The Dickinson Press. Email him at