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Dukart: The School That Stood on Ash

The flames have been extinguished,

Smoke and ash cover the walls,

On the floor, water lies,

The damage has been done,

To say the very least,

Students have walked these halls,

For many generations,

Learning was the object of the institution,

It was a place of true academia,

That all has left,

And now the questions start,

Things like; “How is this so?”

And “It was whole, why is it apart?”

This tragedy will be long remembered,

As the event of the beginning,

Yes, the beginning of things anew,

Where the flame of not the material,

But of the spirit, soul, and mind.

That is to say the substance,

Or rather, the interior,

The interior is the thing that matters,

It is this internal place,

That has been left naked,

And to some, maybe ashamed,

Away has gone the fake façade,

Yes, fake is gone,

But alone, though naked,

Stand the authentic.

As the façade has been engulfed in the flame,

When the match had struck,

And the exterior burned,

There lies, and alone it lies,

The truth, the naked truth,

Of the spirit and life,

Of the school that stood on ash,

This school shows that it wants to live,

To try, strive, and succeed,

Beyond all hope,

To be reincarnated,

Like the Phoenix,

Who rises strong from its ash,

And puts to flight and fight,

Strength and honor,

Wisdom and life,

The school named for the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,

Combined they are called the Trinity,

And will live together for eternity,

The Three from which all good things come,

The Three from which will help us mend.

Dukart is a junior from the University of Mary and a Killdeer High School graduate. He has many relatives who graduated from Trinity High School.