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Holten: You are part of the balance of life

How many times have you heard someone say, “It’s just part of the bigger scheme of things?”

I’d say the average citizen has heard it more than a million times or at least more often than the average heartbroken woman has heard the phrase, “Oh, you’ll change your mind, once you’ve found the right man.”

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Others might put it another way, like: “You’re just a cog in the wheel.” Or, as the band Kansas said in their song a few decades back, “All we are is dust in the wind.”

However you say it, it’s all the same. We are just part of a whole.

But the thing is, the whole is so amazing, so immeasurable, so inconceivable and so glorious that just being part of it, no matter how miniscule, is infinite and stupendous. Which means you are important and isn’t that exciting?

We take things for granted, don’t we? Meanwhile, the miracles that surround us are endless.

I stumbled upon a website called that might have said it best when they said: Just the fact that you are alive is a miracle! Of all the millions of possible gene combinations, you became a very unique you.

The timing was right. You have the right number of chromosomes, and your mother was able to carry and nurture you for nine months, which means that all of the conditions were just right for you to be born, and that makes being you truly miraculous.

In the meantime, the seasons change with nature running in its perfect cycles and we don’t have to do anything except appreciate it.

Then there are those random acts of kindness which might include a stranger holding a door for you, a little kid smiling at you, someone wanting you to be their friend or a kitten rubbing up against you, confirming your positive existence in this world.

And what about all of the amazing cultures in this world of ours? We are all humans and yet we developed in hundreds of different ways with some who speak Japanese and eat fish; others who speak Spanish and eat paella. Still others speak Russian, English and Gaelic. We all communicate and create customs, yet we have created different ways of speaking, eating preferences and creative expression, and that make us all special.

I love the fact that no matter where you live, you see the same moon as everyone else.

Not to mention that now you can speak into a little metallic thing and someone thousands of miles away can hear you. Plus, you can type on your keyboard and gain access to any information from anywhere in the world. And isn’t it amazing that someone can play a guitar and bring you to tears?

Your heart beats, your lungs expand, your eyes blink, your skin regenerates, your blood pumps throughout your body, you inhale oxygen and exhale carbon monoxide. Just think about all that your body does. You are a miracle.

And then there is friendship. Every day people are connecting, forming friendships, valuing friends they already have. We get to choose who we want to spend time with, what we talk about, and how we spend our time together.

Facebook is used by millions of people and is such a success because having friends and being connected is vital to our well-being. Sharing your life, thoughts, dreams, hopes and struggles with another and feeling understood is an everyday miracle.

Our lives are full of miracles buzzing about us like bees from a nearby hive.

In the midst of it, we are required to do only one thing: humbly help in the process and don’t worry about taking a back seat.

Or as Matthew 23: 11-12 said: “He who is greatest among you shall be your servant. And whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.”

Holten is the manager of The Drill and the executive director of the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame. Email him at