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Harms: How will North Dakota vote in the primaries?

The 2014 is a critical election year for the State of North Dakota. Voters face an important question: Will North Dakota continue to lead the nation and provide an environment that creates prosperity and jobs for our citizens; or, will we return to the failed policies that didn’t work in the past?

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North Dakota has been blessed with abundant natural resources, from rich farmland to large energy deposits. Other

states are similarly blessed with resources and commodities, yet they’re not enjoying the same success. Why? Because for the last two decades, Republicans in North Dakota have fostered consistent, fair-minded, business-friendly policies that have helped nurture the economic growth we now enjoy. Other states have not.

Because of this conservative leadership, North Dakota now leads the nation in job creation, as well as income and job growth. We are living proof that conservative principles can translate into real prosperity for all Americans.

Earlier this spring, the North Dakota Republican Party endorsed candidates at our State Convention.

Almost 1,000 delegates from across the state gathered to endorse candidates that embody our core values: limited, effective government, lower taxes and efficient government spending, personal freedom and individual responsibility, and market-based economic development and prosperity.

Republicans endorsed the following for statewide office, and I urge you to support all of them in the primary election:

- Kevin Cramer, U.S. House of Representatives

- Wayne Stenehjem, North Dakota Attorney General

- Al Jaeger, North Dakota Secretary of State

- Ryan Rauschenberger, North Dakota Tax Commissioner

- Doug Goehring, North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner

- Brian Kalk, North Dakota Public Service Commission

- Julie Fedorchak, North Dakota Public Service Commission

In addition, local Republican Districts held their own conventions throughout the spring to endorse candidates for the North Dakota Legislature. These endorsements, as well as contact information for local party officials and candidates, can be found online at Many local units of government are also holding elections this June — please, carefully examine your choices even in these non-partisan races, and support candidates for local office who subscribe to the same conservative values we look for in our state and national officials.

The primary election is the final opportunity for both parties to finalize their slate of candidates for the general election in November. Our local Republican grassroots leaders have taken the time to learn about the candidates, meet with them, and question their positions on the issues. As voters, it is now our responsibility to review the reasoning behind those endorsements and affirm those selections.

I want to encourage all Republicans to vote in this primary election, support our party’s endorsements, and have your voice heard in selecting the qualified conservative candidates who will stand for election in November, and, who will ultimately lead our state forward to continued economic growth and prosperity.

Harms is the chairman of the North Dakota Republican Party.