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Brock: Where did my summer go?

What the heck happened? I went to sleep on May 15, woke up yesterday morning and it was the first day of August.

I feel like I’m in a “Twilight Zone” episode. One minute I fall asleep, dreaming of soaking up summer sun and enjoying all the great things about summer in North Dakota. The next thing I know, I wake up and summer is almost gone. Everybody looks so much older and tanned. Where did the time go and how did I spend it?

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Judging by my complexion, I didn’t spend near enough time outside. Looking back, I have failed to accomplish few — if any — of the long lists of things I started compiling last winter. This was the summer I was going to take more time off, play more golf, visit my grandkids, fish with my son and take road trips with my wife. I was going to do some senseless summer reading and simply spend more time on my deck not thinking about anything.

I’m sure there weren’t less hours in a day this summer than when I started planning last winter. Mother Nature has done her part because there have been plenty of great summer days. I suppose there are of tons of reasons why I’m not farther along on my list. Topping the list is certainly too much time at work, which who has ever had a job knows is the evil enemy of summer leisure.

Now that August is here, there is a real danger that things I meant to accomplish this year are going to turn into things put aside until next summer.

Still, I have a month or so to accomplish what was meant to fill up a whole summer. So it is high time I get my priorities back in check and start whittling away items on that list starting today. Saturday golf? Check. Spend day fishing with my son on the way to see my granddaughter next week? Check. Order the new Larry McMurtry novel “Telegraph Day”? Check. And finally, spend this evening sitting on the deck, contemplating nothing in particular …

You know that deck really needs to be stained. Sadly, with my busy schedule, it looks more like a project for next summer.

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