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Our View: First responders deserve thanks

This past weekend was beautiful. People were out and about doing all the things weather had basically prevented North Dakotans from doing for the past six months. Some were walking their dogs, others were fishing and many took to the streets for a run.

Meanwhile, others were running into buildings filled with fire and smoke to save lives, and preventing others from losing their homes and businesses.

Today, we need to say a collective thank you to Dickinson’s city and rural firefighters and first responders. For the most part, they didn’t get to enjoy the first beautiful weekend of the year like everyone else.

Not only did they spend Saturday afternoon and evening suppressing the fire at Bogey’s Diner downtown on Saturday afternoon, but 29 of them — most of whom are volunteers with regular jobs — responded to a call late Sunday night after a pickup truck crashed into the corner of a house near Dickinson State University.

One firefighter was hospitalized after battling the blaze at Bogey’s. Situations like these show just how thin of a line these men and women — again, many of whom are volunteers — walk every time they strap on their gear.

Firefighters, the Dickinson Ambulance Service and the Dickinson Police Department didn’t get much of a breather this weekend, and they should be commended for their service. Sometimes it’s easy to forget just how much they sacrifice to serve the community so the rest of us can rest easier at night.

The same can be said for all area first responders, sheriff’s offices and fire departments. When the going gets tough, they spring into action for others.

As Dickinson and southwest North Dakota’s continues to grow, more incidents are bound to happen and the stress being put on first responders will be even greater. That means, they’ll be looking for more help.

Though people don’t often realize it, this area has excellent first responders and law enforcement officials who are willing to put their lives on hold — and in some cases on the line — to help others. For that, they deserve our gratitude.

Publisher Harvey Brock, Managing Editor Dustin Monke and Assistant Editor April Baumgarten are members of The Dickinson Press Editorial Board.