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Our View: Today is extra special for Trinity seniors

Today is a special day for seniors across the state. It is the last day they will be in their high schools as students. It is the event they have been anticipating for 13 years and have been counting down toward as they tried to study.

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It’s graduation day.

Though graduation is important at any level, it seems a high school commencement is a highlight moment for most young adults. The ceremony recognizes more than a decade of opening books, doing homework and taking tests. It also signifies the point when they truly go from being children to young adults.

However, this year was different for the seniors at Dickinson Trinity.

The last Friday of February, Trinity students went home for the weekend — some likely dreading the idea that they would have to go back to class the following Monday.

That never happened.

Late in the night on Sunday, March 2, a fire broke out in the Trinity High School office. The flames made the building practically unusable for the rest of the year. The education and diplomas students were working to attain was suddenly disrupted as classes were canceled for the following week.

Those first few weeks after the fire were difficult for Trinity students. Imagine being forced out of a building that served as a second home for six years. Imagine learning that your principal was the person who allegedly started the blaze. Imagine someone else going through your locker to retrieve personal items.

No one should have to go through any of that.

Trinity had no choice but to find a new home for its students. Luckily, Dickinson Public Schools and the community offered a hand. Trinity’s students were given space, desks, books and even instruments so they could carry on with their education. The situation wasn’t ideal, but the Trinity students were able to do what they sought out to do — learn.

Today, the Trinity seniors will return to their school one last time for graduation. The cleanup from the fire has made the school’s auditorium useable again.

Trinity students have obviously gone through a lot, but they have survived through those hardships. Despite what life has thrown at them, they were able to rise above it and focus on the goal of holding that diploma.

And they surely couldn’t have done it on their own. The saying, “it take a village to raise a child,” could not have been more evident this year. The entire city pulled together to help these students. While the community has done it for years, this time it really showed.

If there is nothing else that we learned through this incident, it’s that children will not let obstacles stand in the way of their dreams. All students have and will face many difficulties. While they have not reached their final goals in life, they have achieved something great.

Today will be an emotional time, but through the tears and cheers, we can all be truly proud of their accomplishments in and out of the classroom.

Congratulations to all graduating high school seniors everywhere in southwest North Dakota. You did it!

Publisher Harvey Brock, Managing Editor Dustin Monke and Assistant Editor April Baumgarten are members of The Dickinson Press Editorial Board.