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Our View: Don’t forget to go vote today, because it counts

We are all busy these days, especially here in our growing western North Dakota, but we all need to put the coffee cup down and leave for a few minutes early this morning for work so you can vote on your way.

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Can’t do it this morning? Do it at lunch or on your way home, but find some time today to vote.

We know there are a ton of other things you could be doing on a summer day in North Dakota, but beyond voting being your civic duty, nothing you do will be more important for your future and that of your kids or grandkids.

Want more reasons? People have fought and died to give us the right. People from other countries envy our right to vote. Ladies, you have only had the right to vote for less than a century. Finally, if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain about the folks elected.

Today’s primary, and specifically, local non-partisan elections — like for city commission, school boards and sheriffs — are just as important, if not more, than presidential and congressional elections. With all that is going on in our communities, we need to select folks at the local level who have the skill set to respond to the unprecedented growth.

Having confidence that the right sheriff is elected in your community will give you peace of mind, and nothing is more important than feeling safe. Local law enforcement are dealing with more crime than ever because of the large number of new people in our area. Before the boom, local police had a much better idea who the bad guys were. Now, there are just so many more people that it is difficult to keep track of all of them, good and bad. There are new crimes and criminals that require a new level of sophistication to keep us safe.

Local officials, including city commissioners, councilmen and school board members, are also making decisions that will impact the future for the people that elect them. With unprecedented growth comes tough calls at the local level. Don’t you want to know that you had a part in choosing the people that have to make those decisions?

If you don’t know where to vote, check out our polling places guide on A4. You can also get more information on the candidates by going to

Our state is at a crossroads where we have historic high revenues, challenges and opportunities. Electing legislators whose plans for the coming years should mirror the people’s wishes for North Dakota. Don’t let someone else decide for you. We at the newspaper encourage everyone to get out and vote, because your vote does count in so many ways.

Publisher Harvey Brock, Managing Editor Dustin Monke and Assistant Editor April Baumgarten are members of The Dickinson Press Editorial Board.