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Letter: Cramer supports scheme to cut Social Security

I doubt anyone in North Dakota has heard of Reid Ribble. He’s a Republican congressman from Wisconsin who is best known for scolding a Catholic nun for not doing enough to help the poor. Heckuva guy. During the shutdown, Ribble sent a letter to Republican Speaker John Boehner in which he proposed that the ongoing budget negotiations between Republicans, Tea Partiers and Democrats, are a wonderful opportunity to go after Social Security.

According to Congressman Ribble, it’s a great time to raise the age for Social Security (and Medicare), cut benefits and slash the amount folks pay into Social Security to 1985 levels.

Remember what a gallon of gas was in 1985? It was a buck. A new house back then cost about $90,000.

In short, Congressman Ribble’s plan is to cut Social Security to the point where it withers on the vine and dies.

North Dakota’s own Tea Party Congressman Kevin Cramer sign a letter supporting this nutty scheme.

I have a better plan to save Social Security. Toss Kevin Cramer and Reid Ribble out of Congress.

Rande Zander, Mandan