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Letter: New England school thriving heading into board elections

Wow, what a fast year again! A few comments as I leave this 2013-14 school year behind, from New England High School. The building project is wrapping up, New England Public Schools will have several new teachers this coming fall and a new superintendent, the kitchen will have new, updated equipment and the enrollments keep changing frequently.

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I teach eighth-grade through senior math. With the Common Core changes occurring, I decided to attend the school board meetings. I would like to thank our current board members. They have brought insight from farm/ranching, banking, nursing, education and communications, and have put all these backgrounds together in a professional manner to work together for the betterment of NEPS.

I would like to see this group continue to help move our school forward. I have taken notes at the meetings and if you have questions about facts or lack thereof, I invite you to call me with questions about past meetings. Call the school and leave a name and number, I’ll return your call.

Your vote in June is spending your tax dollar. Do it wisely.

Tracy (Smith) McSweyn, 

teacher, New England High School,