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Letter: Stenehjem deserves your support

Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem is a hard worker, is dedicated, trustworthy, honorable, responsible, caring, honest, patriotic and worthy of being re-elected to his current position. I consider it a privilege and honor to personally know Wayne and his family.

Under his watch, he has brought drug dealers to justice, closed meth labs, been tough on scam artists trying to fleece the public, fights sex predators online and in court, tries to end domestic violence, provides legal counsel, answers queries on the open meetings laws, works with schools and various children’s groups to acquaint them with laws and rules in our state, supports the citizens of the state and much more that is little known to most people.

He is admired and respected by citizens across the state and on both sides of the political aisle.

Beginning as a member of the House and Senate, his leadership has a long history of experience and effectiveness. We need to continue Wayne’s principled and effective guidance as Attorney General.

Vote for Wayne Stenehjem for Attorney General on June 10. He is most deserving of your support for another term.

Marlene Kouba,