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DSU the only place for Roosevelt presidential library

Theodore Roosevelt was a great American and one of our nation’s best-loved presidents. He also proved to be a disappointment as a cattle rancher. To classify Roosevelt’s cattle venture in North Dakota as anything less than a financial disaster would be kind.

That said, the entire reason Dickinson is being considered as the location for his library is because we all know that “Teddy” believed he would never have become president were it not for the time he spent in North Dakota’s Badlands. He overcame adversity, learned from his mistakes and achieved greatness.

Dickinson State University is now in a position to overcome its share of adversity, to learn from mistakes and to achieve greatness. Getting a Roosevelt presidential library on its campus is certainly a step in the right direction.

Locating it anywhere else would be a disappointment and missed opportunity for the community to put its university back on track.

Stuart Savelkoul, Bismarck